Concreting services such as concrete cutting, core drilling  and floor sawing are important to any construction projects. May it be an installation of electrical wirings, pipes and others, this task should be perform only by professionals.

Concrete Cutting

Concreting Services

This procedure uses various techniques to be able to precisely cut a concrete material into portions, whether it’s a circular, square or triangle.

It is used both in domestic and community projects. For home projects, it can be used to create or extend an opening for a door or window in a home. This process is also used to make openings for water pipes and drainages.

As for infrastructure projects, concrete cutting can be used in the construction of dams, nuclear power plants and highway roads and bridges.

Core Drilling

One of the most common concreting services is the core drilling. This process involves the precise and flawless drilling of holes in a concrete structure; whether it’s a wall, stand, pavement or floor. Experts can drill holes on both the vertical and horizontal surfaces without decreasing its value or risking its foundation.

Core drilling is mainly used for utility access for homes and commercial buildings. It is also a necessary step in the installation of water and electrical systems and appliances such as air conditioning systems, water heaters and refrigerators. This is also used in the installation of computer and telephone lines.

Floor Sawing

This operation is used in major community projects as well such as construction or repair of highway and national roads, pavements, neighbourhood streets and other vertically constructed concrete structures.

Its main purpose is to help widen pathways and remove the damaged layers on the surface before it reaches the foundation.

Why hire professional concreting services provider for the project?

  • Trained and Experienced Experts

Customers can expect skilled, trained and experienced experts to get the job done efficiently and professionally. Remember, these types of tasks aren’t simple. It isn’t the type of work people can learn from video tutorials.

Contractors are trained on what procedures to follow and what equipment to use for every client they negotiate with and every project they handle.

  • High-Tech Equipment

Our company invests in today’s most high-tech construction equipment to provide better services to our clients. But the quality of our work doesn’t just depend on the right tools and equipment, but also on the skills of the professional using it.

We want to guarantee quality services and long-term benefits to every project we handle.

  • Quotation and Insurance

Our company also aims to have transparency with our customers, which is why we do not offer our services without providing them with a written quotation first. This way, we can work out a better deal with our clients, providing them with the same level of quality work.

With a project as big as concrete cutting, core drilling and floor sawing, you want to leave it the hands of our experts. Know more about us by visiting Concrete Cutting Services website today!