Deciding to take on bathroom renovations is challenging for most homeowners. Some view it as an expensive and complex undertaking, which is why it often leads to failures and mistakes. However, it does not have to be that way forever. Here are three mistakes you should stop doing today:

Following the trend

Bathroom Renovation

Whilst magazines and lifestyle shows give you some inspiration for your bathroom designs, it is important to remember that you must stick with your own style. After all, the “latest trend” will eventually become outdated in as little as five years. This is why it’s essential to think of efficiency and functionality rather than pure aesthetics.

Some of the latest bathroom trends that you should avoid include white-on-white and oversized bathtubs. The reason why most people opt to paint their walls white is to make space feel larger than it really is. However, overdoing this can make your space appear bare. Likewise, big tubs can be too impractical. These tend to consume a larger amount of water than what you really need.

Using cheap materials

It is important to know the key fixtures in your restroom. These include tiles, faucet, toilet and the shower head. In choosing your fixtures, it’s best to pick the product that is more durable compared to those that merely offer affordability. In the end, having low-quality fixtures can be costlier, especially when these need to be repaired or replaced.

Doing it yourself

Planning without prior knowledge can be costly. Therefore, it is important to seek advice and assistance from expert renovators. This ensures that everything will pass industry standards. Doing so allows you to maximise the space and make it attractive without sacrificing its efficiency.

A nicely and expertly remodelled bathroom can give you years of delight. So, revamping this room calls for only the best in the industry. This ensures that their competence and skills can match your expectations. Craftsman Bathrooms can definitely give you exceptional bathroom renovations. Give them a call today.