Can Anyone Start a Own Coffee Van Franchise?

Nowadays, people seek to find a coffee van near their work whenever possible. The corporate jungle is truly a busy place. If you would ask a caffeine aficionado, he would prefer a café near his office.

For coffee lovers, a single cup of Americano can surely perk up their day. This blend can easily boost their energy and make them productive for longer hours.

The last thing a professional would need for her breakfast is coffee, and a mobile shop answers this need. But where does one start? We must first look at the current market landscape to determine the best system for the franchise.

The world’s biggest mobile café franchise holds more than 240 franchises that generate a revenue of around $50 million, and that’s about 33,000 espressos each day.

This should be a motivation since bigger companies cannot simply take it all, and they even admit to it. In fact, most of the franchisees don’t have any personal experience in making a cup of espresso themselves. This is an opportunity waiting to be tapped.

No matter how hard these big bean tycoons try to fill every single corner of the workplace to buy their coffee, surely there’s going to be a business to fill the need for a warm cup. Just looking at Sydney’s landscape, there are lots of places where a start-up café can capitalise.

One example is Darren Schultz’s Xpresso Mobile Café. They started their café mecca at Brisbane 16 years ago. Since then, its customer satisfaction rating as the premium mobile cafe franchise system improved drastically. From their website, they even hold a daring motto, “Why should speciality coffee only be available at a fixed address café? Not anymore!”

Starting up is always a risk and choosing the right network will give anyone a huge edge over the present competition, let alone the world’s coffee industry.

With over 42 active coffee van outlets in major cities, such as Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, and Perth, and their exclusive license with Di Bella Coffee as their speciality espresso provider, any suitable franchisee can grab this opportunity to be self-employed through their unique business system.

So if you want to know more, just contact coffee van!