How to Pick a Commercial Fridge

Businesses in the food industry need a high-quality commercial fridge to store perishable stocks. It’s one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. This is why it needs to be reliable enough to withstand even the hottest of days. If you need help picking out a refrigerator, here are a few tips that should help.

What kind of refrigerator do you need?

You either need a refrigerator for service or storage. Those used for service have clear panels so guests are able to see inside easily. Some models function strictly to keep the food at a safe temperature, whilst some can function as regular units.

There’s a bit more variation when it comes to storage refrigerators. A few of the most commonly used varieties are:

Upright – Upright refrigerators are good for small to medium kitchens. They are able to store a significant amount of food without taking as much space as a walk-in. These units are freestanding, which gives users ample shelving space inside. It gives users easy access to the food stored inside, making it convenient in a busy kitchen.
Walk-in – Walk-in freezers and refrigerators are best for medium to large kitchens. Cooling systems are installed in insulated rooms. These are able to store a lot of produce at any given amount of time. Wire racks are usually used as shelving.
Prep-Counter – Prep counter refrigerators are waist-high. Underneath is a cooling system and on top is a prep station. This is perfect for making salads and sandwiches – things that don’t need a very low temperature to keep safe.
Under-Counter – These refrigerators are made to fit under tables and prep counters. They’re perfect for chilling drinks behind a bar. They are compact enough that they don’t take up much space or obstruct walkways.

What kind of restaurant do you have?

A restaurant that serves a lot of meat and seafood dishes would benefit from either an upright or walk-in freezer, depending on the place’s capacity. These items need very high temperatures for food safety. However, salad and sandwich bars would be wise to get a prep-counter instead.

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