Retaining walls are a valuable addition to any property. Aside from holding back the soil, these structures make your place look more streamlined and modern. They help make your structure and foundation stable.

However, prior to installing one, it’s important to find a material that will suit your taste and will complement the architecture of your property. Here are some types to choose from:

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are amongst the most secure and stable choices out there. These can easily be assembled by stacking the blocks on top of each other and securing it with pins or clips. However, this type of material should be set on a flat surface to ensure the stability of the whole structure. A compacted gravel base or a sandy base would be a good place to start. This allows the material to move with the ground and to remain intact.

With a variety of shapes, colours and even textures to choose from, this has become one of the popular choices in the industry today. Choose the one that blends with the overall aesthetic of your property. Try looking for a completed wall or some samples so you can get an idea how this will turn out.

Natural Stone Walls

Using stones for your retaining wall is a great way to enhance the style of your yard. Aside from being customised and making your property look unique, this is a look that will never go out of style.

Wood Planks

If you want a more rustic and charming approach to your garden, why not use wooden planks or timber walls? These wooden panels are not only more affordable compared to other available options, they are also more economical to use. Consider having the wood treated and sealed to prevent rotting.

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