Investing in Real estate in Kalayaan Heights is a very wise financial move. The residential housing development is in Subic Freeport, Olongapo City. Its located in a convenient location. Homeowners in the area can shop at the Royal Duty-Free Store nearby whilst stopping by the many restaurants along the way for a quick snack. It’s easily accessible from Argonaut Highway, making commutes a breeze.

Kalayaan Heights is populated with Filipinos and expatriates alike, who want to enjoy quiet suburban living in the city. In the 1900s, it was once the place where the US Naval forces lived. In fact, the area was so exclusive back then that only high-ranking officers could live there! Thankfully, it’s now open to investment for most of the public today.

The area has several amenities, making it a perfect place for families to settle down. The Regional Science High School, Special Education School and Elementary School are all located in the same vicinity. Furthermore, the iconic Fire House is within reach by most residents, ensuring the safety of all homeowners. In fact, the station has been providing emergency services to both Olongapo City and the Freeport Zone for decades.

The area is also a popular tourist attraction, especially for those who want a quiet and relaxing getaway. A popular go-to is the Mountain Woods Resort Inn. Guests can enjoy the infinity pool that overlooks the breathtaking view of the forest surrounding Subic Bay. The establishment also has a mini park, which is perfect for strolling around during lazy afternoons. The treetop bar is perfect for having a quiet drink whilst being surrounded by nature.

It’s not surprising that more people are investing in lots in the area. As time goes by, property values continue to grow. This makes it a good investment for any financially savvy individual. The area is also a great place to live, considering its many amenities. Others opt to simply buy properties for leasing, which is a good idea considering the many tourists who regularly frequent Subic Bay.

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